What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is regarded as the best diamond alternative in the world, with some optical properties exceeding those of diamond. Its lower price and less exploitative mining practices necessary to obtain it make it a popular alternative to diamonds. Due in part to the similar thermal conductivity of Moissanite and diamond, it is the only gem that when using conventional diamond testers will test positive as a diamond. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness it is a 9.5, with a diamond being a 10.

The use of Moissanite in jewelry was exclusively controlled through patents held by the original creators of Moissanite; Charles & Colvard. OgilvieGems South Africa is also an official registered Charles&Colvard Retailer ensuring to bring you Charles & Colvard’s full range at the best prices guaranteed. And now OgilvieGems Namibia brings it all the way to your Namibian doorstep. 


Do not be fooled by other imitations in the market. There are only a hand full of genuine Moissanite dealers across the world that maintain the highest standards possible. Some of these names include: Charles & Colvard, Amora and Berzelian.

Moissanite is a unique rare jewel with more fire, brilliance, and sparkling lustre than any other jewel or gemstone including a diamond. All Moissanite is sold with a Charles and Colvard Ltd Lifetime Warranty giving you the assurance that its beauty will never fade. Its guaranteed to last forever.